A company trip or company vacation is without a doubt one of the activities that company employees eagerly await all year round. A formation trip to a company is a record event for any organization and is an excellent opportunity for formation between the company’s managers and employees, between the various teams in the company, formation between managers in the company, seeing and knowing the employees around you in different eyes and other situations and creating an experience that will be talked about for a long time. At Yeadim Private Tours we specialize in both inbound and outbound tourism. Our variety of destinations of practice allows us to offer a variety of routes for company trips both in Israel and around the world. Quality and special incentive trips are just some of the options we offer.
For a company trip to become a successful trip, it is necessary to characterize the trip. What is the purpose of the organization on this trip? What do you want to produce from today? Who are the participants? Is it just a trip for the company’s employees or a trip for its employees and their families? What was on previous trips? What is the budget available for your company?
The next step that is important to plan properly is the hike route and content of the day. The trips can be focused on a certain topic – concept trips such as a wine trip, a culture trip, a women empowerment trip, and an extreme trip. Another type of trip is a culinary trip following certain foods and in certain areas. A type of trip that is becoming a trend and is gaining more and more momentum is a trip to a settlement in the Negev and the Galilee. We will tour the various towns in the Negev and the major cities on such a trip and be impressed by the tremendous development that each of the cities and towns in Negev has experienced. We will meet local business owners who have become an institution in their locality and hear their personal stories. Another option on company trips is formation activities and board games. Here we can offer a variety of O.D.T activities, formative experiential activities, alongside a lot of creativity in trips.
So why actually work with us? What sets Yeadim Private Tours apart? Well, first and foremost the personal attitude and personal tailoring to each client on each trip. Even on family trips, group trips, or any other trip we lead, we will always make sure that your trip will not be a replica of other trips. Personal attitude and personal sewing are like a candle to our feet and we take care of that on every trip. We will always prefer to offer the unfamiliar and special in each destination alongside the places that are a must in each route. We are attracted to the unfamiliar and the special places and from here your trip will be unique and special. No matter where you travel, a company trip in Israel, or a company trip abroad, we will always make sure to find the special place that not everyone knows.
Creativity is another feature that characterizes us in planning company trips. We Look at things differently and make an action that seems trivial to another. Our commitment is to the perfection of your company trip. Yes, perfection is a commitment and value that leads us in building trips in general and of course in company trips in particular. Taking care of small details, accuracy and excellence will make your company trip unforgettable. We love challenges so if you are looking for interesting destinations, you are curious and want to challenge us do not hesitate to share with us. We have excellent working relationships with both suppliers in Israel and with suppliers abroad and each is ready to provide you with a total excellent company trip experience.
So do not hesitate and just call and we will be happy to arrange a perfect company trip for you.