Cambodia is one of the most intriguing countries in Southeast Asia. The country has evolved in recent years but is still exotic and virgin. A tour to Cambodia combines visits to colorful markets, bustling cities, authentic villages, palaces, ancient temples, historical monuments, rainforests, waterfalls and rivers including the famous Mekong River.

A visit to Cambodia begins in the capital Phnom Penh on the plethora of buildings and temples, most notably of them is the King’s Palace complex. We will continue to visit the ancient city, Angkor, the world’s largest archaeological site, uncovering over a thousand remains of palace temples and pagodas among the impressive and preserved of all the Angkor Wat Temple. You won’t miss a visit to Siam Reap on the riverbank with ancient colonial buildings and authentic markets surrounding rice fields. We will indulge in southern Cambodia the Sihanoukville Resort in the Gulf of Thailand with white sands of tropical vegetation and diving sites.

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Cambodia is one of the most fascinating countries in South Asia. A trip to Cambodia allows a glimpse of the East Asia of old times. The trip to Cambodia takes us on a tour to Siem Reap with its magnificent palaces, the temples of Angkor with its huge stone statues

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On this trip to Cambodia experience a short and exhaustive itinerary of Cambodia’s main attraction, the temples of Angkor. On our tour, we will spend two days at one of the wonders of Angkor temples. During our tour, we will enjoy a world-wide Zen with huge stone statues and a

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