The Philippines, the state of the islands, is seen in our imagination as a place of coconut trees and golden beaches. It is the case, but there is so much more to it ,for example huge rice terraces, spectacular diving sites, small tribes and fascinating cultures.

More than a million people live in the Philippines in more thean7,000 islands. The friendly and nice residents of the Philippines are first and foremost main resource in the islands. In the Philippines, you can enjoy tranquility and virgin landscapes on the beaches, and the world’s best diving sites, excellent surfing sites, active volcanoes and many trekking routes. One of the interesting travel options in the Philippines is jeep tours. In this way, small villages and distant places can be reached far from the tourist places. This way you can meet local tribes who earn their living from agriculture in an authentic and immediate way.

One of the key things to consider when visiting the Philippines is the issue of transportation. The crossing between the islands should be taken into account when planning the trip. The islands themselves have the “Jippins”, colorful and sparkling local jeeps that are part of the local travel culture in the Philippines. The trip to the Philippines requires small boat cruises to reach the Pegasanhan Falls, ferry cruising to Mindoro Island, ferry crossing, internal flights and more.

So surely, the Philippines is a perfect destination for family vacation, honeymoon vacation, annual vacation or any reason. So you can enjoy a quiet head of the beauty of Palawan Island, dive on the island of Malfascoa, stroll on the Teal Volcano, the “Chocolate Hills” on Bohol Island, and relax on the popular Burkese island you are welcome to contact us for the vacation coordination.