Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, an island state, south of India is the twenty-fifth largest island in the world. Until 1972, it was known, as Ceylon, a name given to the island during the colonial period. In 1972, her name was changed to Sri Lanka, which is in the Sanskrit language “Sri” which means holy and “Lanka” which means island and hence the name of the holy island.

Indeed, Sri Lanka, the tear island, is a beautiful exotic island south of India. On stunning coastal islands, wooded landscapes, world heritage sites, a variety of animals and mostly 20 million friendly and welcoming residents. In Sri Lanka, many UNESCO World Heritage sites and its independence was declared in 1948, similar to the State of Israel. On our excursions in Sri Lanka, there are a number of key sites to visit:

Sigiriya Rock – with its breathtaking beauty rock and breathtaking scenery at its summit, a magnificent palace is found inside a fortress surrounded by magnificent gardens built by Prince Kriphapa, who murdered his father, King of Sri Lanka. Thus, he took over the monarchy on the island and copied his capital here. Today, a spiral staircase leading to the summit with spectacular views from over 200 meters high, a fort with large palaces and manicured gardens. All along, monkeys roam freely, murals and spectacular views.

Kennedy Tooth Temple – over 500 meters high is the city of Kennedy with a host of interesting sites. The most interesting place to visit is the Temple of Tooth and which, according to believers, lies the Buddha’s tooth. The visit to the temple is very interesting and you can watch hundreds of Buddhist praying and singing in the background of the decorated temple

Dambulla Cave Temple – One of the most famous sites in Sri Lanka is in Dambulla with a set of caves used as temples including many Buddha statues and murals. The site was declared, a World Heritage Site in 1991 and while visiting this site you will remain speechless.

The town of Ella – Visitors to the island, nature lovers, will find it difficult to skip visiting Ella. The lovely town lies in the center of Sri Lanka above 1000 meters and has many nature trails and tea plantations around it. The weather here is cool and pleasant in contrast to the sticky bread and moisture that characterizes the rest of the island. Recommended spots in the area include Ella Rock, a 4-hour walking trail that is all about nature, scenery and lots of quiet. Ravana Falls, Old Railroad and Cooking Class.

Nuwara Eliya – Much higher in the mountain, about 1900 meters above sea level , is the town of Nuwara Eliya  “the city of light” with British building characteristics which have been nicknamed “Little England”. During British rule on the island, they discovered that the high mountainous region is a fertile ground for tea crops and over the years, Sri Lanka has taken a major part in the global tea industry. On a trip in the area, you will learn about the tea production process and its centrality in the local economy. In addition to a tour of the picturesque town next to it is the Horton Plains National Park with a plethora of waterfalls, breathtaking viewpoints, monkeys and a variety of other animals and all as we ascend the two high mountains of Sri Lanka.

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