Organized trip to Greece and the islands

A short flight away from Israel is Greece, an incredibly diverse country that offers its visitors a whole world starting from: ancient culture, famous archeological sites, ancient cities, green ridges, delicious food, impressive monasteries, beaches with lots of sun and pleasant weather. In addition, the Greek islands are among the

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A Taste of Dubai

A double trip package for the independent traveler in Dubai for five days / four nights. The dream destination, Dubai, is closer than ever. Without worries, you will travel in your own time and pace among the skyscrapers of Dubai, visit the Burj Kalifa Tower the tallest tower in the

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Colorful Cuba, “salsa” is not just a sauce

Cuba, the small island nation in the Caribbean, has been attracting millions of tourists since it opened to the west. The journey to Cuba is the story of a small and colorful people, who are in a long and slow process of social change. The vibrant country, whose development came

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