Concept tour (theme tour)

Theme tours are the kind of fascinating tours that exist. A theme trip is a fascinating and creative experience that is all focused on one central concept around which the trip was built. There is no shortage of topics and if there is a topic that interests you of course we can tailor it for you. Even if you think you have traveled in Israel and know every place in the county or travel for years abroad and know the world and you are still interested in a new and exciting trip, theme trips are exactly the type of trips you are looking for. Concept trips have a variety of options. A trip following a book, a culinary trip, a history trip, etc. You can also find a variety of themed trips in Israel, depending on the field of interest and the group. History trip, follow the history of the Nabatean, a trip following Israelis musicians and culture, a trip to hidden gems in Jerusalem are just some of the options we offer
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Sri Lanka Private Tour

Sri Lanka, or by its former name – Ceylon, is one of the few places in the East where you can still enjoy the primeval wildlife without interruption. It is a tropical island rich in sites and nature. Ancient cities, forts, temples, and nature reserves allow for real safari trips.

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A trip to Jerusalem following the 1948 warriors

The United Nations General Assembly decided on November 29 that Jerusalem would become an international city. The significance of the decision is that Jerusalem does not belong to any country but to foreign organizations. In such a situation, will the Jews be able to visit Jerusalem? The Arabs did not

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THE ISLE OF SERENDIPITY This extraordinary island set in the Indian Ocean, off the south-eastern tip of India, has thousands of years of diverse culture. Still a predominantly Buddhist country, it also has strong Hindu, Christian, and Muslim communities as well. Incredibly fertile and a great producer of exotic fruits

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  A trip to Morocco is time travel to history from the Roman period, medieval cities and fortresses of barbarians, wild nature with an endless desert, and some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Morocco is rich in beauty and among other things you can find authentic towns,

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This 8 days tour is dedicated to the pilgrimage tourist Here you have the opportunity to trace the architectural and cultural heritage of the Muslim Faith. On this Islamic tour to the holy land, you will visit well-known pilgrimage sites asides many other historical Islam places over the holy land.

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