The hiking trails in Costa Rica are many and varied, enabling you to build a mix of nature full of stunning wildlife in their natural surroundings and a variety of options for adrenaline lovers and local culture. On our trip, we combine various Costa Rican extras for bathing and relaxing in hot springs and all between spectacular beaches and landscapes.

  • Tenorio Volcano – Tropical Cloud Forest Visit the Malaku Tribe
  • Cloud Forest – Extreme Day in the Heart of the Forest
  • Canoe Negro Reservation – Visit a farm in the village of Juanilma
  • Rafting in the River Balas
  • Arenal Reserve
  • Monte Verde Reservation
  • Visit a farm near the city of Fortuna
  • Hot spring bathing
  • Manuel Antonio Reserve – Crocodile Cruise and ATV Tour

Routes and Schedule


Day 1 – San Jose

Upon landing in San Jose our local reps will welcome you.

After collecting the baggage transfer to a hotel nearby.

Day 2 – Cloud Forest – Attractions.

After breakfast we will head to the cloud forest for a day of adventure. Upon arrival, we will take a combo canopy over the treetops along with Tarzan swing with a total length of about 845 meters. At the end of the first experience, we will begin the canyoning experience in the cloud forest. It is about walking and surfing from different heights in the trees and finally we will continue to the super Tarzan attraction and from there we will descend to the Balsa River swimming pools and waterfalls. The waterfall is the endpoint and from there we will return to the starting point. There we will go horseback riding to both the lowest point in the reserve and the highest point in the reserve for spectacular views of the vanished valley and surrounding forests.

When done we will be transferred to an overnight stay at a nearby hotel

Day 3 – Rio Celeste – The Malacca Tribe

After breakfast we will drive to Tenorio Volcano National Park. We will walk through the tropical cloud forest until the famous tributary meeting of the blue river where the water creates a celestial reflection that gave the river its name. Later we will visit the Native American village of the Malco tribe one of the last Native American tribes in Costa Rica who is still preserving its culture. In an encounter with them we will learn about history, culture and we will hear traditional stories. In the shaman’s cabin we will learn about the use of local herbs.

At the end of the tour transfer to the hotel nearby.

Day 4 – Negro reservation  – Khwanilma Village

After breakfast we will leave for the border town of Los Chiles, from which we will cruise by ship in the Rio Perio River to the Negro Canoe Reservation. The reserve is a haven for a variety of birds and animals that have found refuge such as monkeys, alligator lizards, reptilian bats and more. The guide will explain to us about the flora and fauna in the area. Back we will visit the village of Khwanilama, 20-25 families who decided to retire from capitalist life and set up a “kibbutz” in Costa Rica.

Upon arrival, we will be staying with one of the families and they will teach us how to prepare local food. Next we will visit the Iquanese tree to watch this special animal. At dark, we will take a night tour of the cloud forest paths and watch the birds grow, spider, grasshoppers and more.

Overnight at nearby hotel.

Day 5 – Balsa River – Arenal.

After breakfast we will go rafting in the River Balas. At the end we will leave to Arenal in the Alahuela district. There are varied and spectacular sceneries in this area. The Arenal Volcano is the main tourist site. The valleys are filled with natural vegetation, overflowing rivers, hot springs, lagoons, wildlife and national parks.

We will then visit an authentic local farm near the city of Fortuna. We will learn about the traditional farming practices in Costa Rica. The tour also envisions the process of preparing the “guaru” a strong local beverage produced from sugar cane. We will continue to the town of guanilme where local have a shared way of life like a “Kibbutz.” We will be staying in the local houses. We will have a shared dinner and attend the folk dances of the village children.

We will end the day at Paradise Hot Springs for a rest at the foot of the volcano.

When the tour is completed transfer to our hotel nearby.

Day 6 – Monte Verde

After breakfast, we will continue to the Santa Elena and Monte Verde area. Spectacular views of the Niquia  Bay and the region’s islands will accompany you on your way to a forest covered road known as the “Green Mountain” (Monte Verde). Upon your arrival, take a walk in the forest, during which you will find 6 different bridges that make up the park’s bridge system.

Then, visit Dr. Bats’ farm, Dr. Richard, a senior bat zoologist. We will be familiarized with the unique world of flying mammals and watching feeding

When the tour s completed transfer to our hotel nearby..

Day 7 – El Establo

After breakfast, we will visit El Estabello’s forest, where we can enjoy the vast biodiversity of the forest.

Overnight at a nearby hotel

Day 8 Manuel Antonio – Crocodile Cruise – ATV

After breakfast we will head for Manuel Antonio which is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful national parks with its white beaches surrounded by green forest hills. On our way we stop over a crocodile farm observing crocodiles closely. Afterwards have a ATV tour along tropical river  during which you watch the waterfowl and enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean.

Accommodation at a nearby hotel

Day 9 Manuel Antonio – Airport

After dinner we will tour the most famous Costa Rica park with spectacular beaches, mangroves and tangled tropical forest. In the reserve there are four beaches with different characteristics. During the guided tour we will learn about the variety of butterflies monkeys and other animals inhabiting the reserve,

In the afternoon and according to flight time we will continue to San Jose International Airport for a return flight

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CSG Raft Gear Ltd

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