Successful and fun organized trips are those that provide stunning views, treks and special routes, well planned tours and drill down to all the details, good food, high quality service and professional guidance. Equally important is the human mix, the group itself. Our organized tours are designed so that they can give you a unique experience in each destination with professional and experienced guides and in small groups while maintaining a personal attitude.
Our organized tours are designed so that the tour route exhausts and encompasses the best there is in each destination, we make sure to incorporate in organized tours unique local attractions such as meeting local tribes, local folklore, unique markets and dining in local homes. Our groups receive personal and close treatment from the first moment until returning back home and make sure to tailor the trips to the target audience.
On our organized trips you go out peacefully and all that is required from you is to pack up and start enjoying the trip.
Feel free to contact us to build the right trip for you / your group.

Organized trip to Greece and the islands

A short flight away from Israel is Greece, an incredibly diverse country that offers its visitors a whole world starting from: ancient culture, famous archeological sites, ancient cities, green ridges, delicious food, impressive monasteries, beaches with lots of sun and pleasant weather. In addition, the Greek islands are among the

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Sri Lanka Private Tour

Sri Lanka, or by its former name – Ceylon, is one of the few places in the East where you can still enjoy the primeval wildlife without interruption. It is a tropical island rich in sites and nature. Ancient cities, forts, temples, and nature reserves allow for real safari trips.

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Organized trip to Albania

An organized trip to Albania is a journey to one of the most fascinating countries in Europe. Albania was closed to tourists until about 28 years ago, in the early 1990s, and only after the disintegration of communist rule and the death of the ruling dictator was it possible to

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Organized trip to Montenegro

For nature travelers in Montenegro, a special experience is expected between the mountainous area and the coastal area, combined with the hospitable residents in Montenegro. The mountainous terrain of Montenegro is beautiful and scenically impressive combined with spectacular geological phenomena makes the trip to Montenegro so special. You can spend

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A Taste of Dubai

A double trip package for the independent traveler in Dubai for five days / four nights. The dream destination, Dubai, is closer than ever. Without worries, you will travel in your own time and pace among the skyscrapers of Dubai, visit the Burj Kalifa  Tower the tallest tower in the

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A trip to Morocco has long been one of the most exciting experiences for Jews from Morocco. For Moroccans and their families, this is an opportunity to return to the place where their lives began, the neighborhood where they grew up, the place where their parents worked, and an opportunity

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