Ethiopia, a large country located in East Africa and located in what is known as the Horn Of Africa, is a destination with a growing demand among travelers.
Ethiopia’s story is one of the fascinating in the African continent. With more than 80 million people and one of the most densely populated African countries, Ethiopia is the only country in the African continent that has succeeded in extracting European colonialism and has retained its cultural identity. The trip to Ethiopia takes us many years back to the mud houses, authentic tribes, ancient culture and rich history.
During your trip to Ethiopia we can experience the mighty Nile River, unique wild life, caravans of camel like you have not yet seen, along with historical stories that emerge from all sides. A trip in Ethiopia will take us towards the holy city of Exum and the Queen of Sheba, we will continue to Lucy one of the most famous mothers of the human race and finally a mysterious Christianity. The many ancient buildings scattered in Ethiopia serve as a starting point for amazing walks and a fascinating cultural experience.
Together with the our local YEADIM team, you are invited to tour Ethiopia with us and meet warm and intriguing people, amazing landscapes, wildlife, study human history and enjoy the rich culture.
All you have to do now is to choose one of our organized trips to Ethiopia or instead one of our private trips to Ethiopia.


On this trip to northern Ethiopia we will explore this land with the rich lakes and waterfalls where palaces and churches, colorful markets, museums, wild reserves and rich culture are found. One of the features of this trip is the recognition of Ethiopia’s colorful tribal culture, a tour of remote

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The trip to southern Ethiopia following the Umu tribes is a reminiscent of millennia. On this trip following the Umu tribes we will experience the fascinating culture of the local tribes in their colorful attire and lifestyle. All this while on this trip to Ethiopia we observe fascinating views of

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The trip to Ethiopia is a combination of ancient history, landscapes, small villages, remote towns, rare animals and colorful markets. On our extensive trip in Ethiopia we will experience all this and much more. We will visit fascinating tribes, spectacular palaces, churches, lakes, impressive waterfalls, endemic animals and colorful markets.

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