incentive trips

Incentive trips have become one of the leading ways for various organizations to cherish their employees. At YEADIM PRIVATE TOURS, we offer our expertise in a variety of exotic destinations around the world along with our expertise in tailoring the nature of the trip to the client’s needs and, in keeping with your budget, will create the ideal incentive trip for you. The basis of our work assumption is that in the case of incentive trips, careful attention is paid to the small details and high-standard professional planning, which is the basic element of every trip we manage. Our incentive trips are suitable for executive management excellence, outstanding employees, dedicated and loyal employees and organizational formulation. These workers deserve no less than the best quality vacation.
We, at YEADIM PRIVATE TOURS, understand the goals of the organization that it aims for the incentive trip and accordingly, together with you, plan the trip with special attractions and activities appropriate to the nature of the group and its goals to maximize the benefit of the trip to both employees and the organization. We understand that among the goals of the incentive trip are of course the gratitude of the organization to employees, whether as a result of special income to the organization from the employee’s special work, special dedication to the workplace, a desire to “retain” the employee in the organization or to promote cooperation and friendship between team members or between Managers at various levels in the organization.

The tours provided by YEADIM PRIVATE TOURS are of the highest standard, with the utmost effort being made to bring travelers to complete satisfaction to the smallest details. All the details of the trip, from the choice of the airline, the tour hotels, the attractions we visit, the training style, the food, the special activities to the little treats, everything is custom made especially for you.
Our familiarity with a variety of exotic destinations around the world and our proven business relationship with top-notch service providers allow us to commit to a perfect travel experience for our customers. So if you are looking for a special incentive trip we offer exotic vacation in Maldives, safari trip and tribes in Tanzania, Rwandan gorilla trek, white beaches in Zanzibar, unforgettable vacation in Israel, wonderful Sri Lankan trip, Vietnam trip, Philippines trip, Legendary Morocco trip, Costa Rica trip, Beautiful Montenegro, a trip to ancient Cuba, a trip to Argentina accompanied by good food and wine, an adventure in India or a visit to magical Burma. At each of the destinations we at YEADIM PRIVATE TOURS would love to serve you.
Have you found a destination in the list that interests you? Have you thought of another place for an incentive trip?
Contact us today and we will be happy to tailor you a magical trip for any destination you choose.

Organized trip to Greece and the islands

A short flight away from Israel is Greece, an incredibly diverse country that offers its visitors a whole world starting from: ancient culture, famous archeological sites, ancient cities, green ridges, delicious food, impressive monasteries, beaches with lots of sun and pleasant weather. In addition, the Greek islands are among the

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THE ISLE OF SERENDIPITY This extraordinary island set in the Indian Ocean, off the south-eastern tip of India, has thousands of years of diverse culture. Still a predominantly Buddhist country, it also has strong Hindu, Christian, and Muslim communities as well. Incredibly fertile and a great producer of exotic fruits

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On this trip we will experience classic India and allow those who want to get to know India comfortably. The trip allows you to get acquainted with the cultural society of the history of one of the ancient cultures while experiencing and having an instant experience of fascinating encounters. In

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A spectacular jeep tour in Albania, the state that until a decade ago was closed to tourists. A trip to the Balkans produces myths and realities that intertwine and shape a fierce course of life and a tumultuous and fascinating history that never ceases to produce constitutive events in the

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On a trip to Morocco we will reach from the ridge of the Atlas Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean until the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert. On the way, we will meet with the barbarian mountain people, Islam culture in the imperialist cities, Atlantic coastal fishermen, the people of

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Montenegro Organized Jeep Tour

On this unique hiking trip, we will reach places in Montenegro not very common for tourists. We will travel in a small area cabin and get to know a variety of views from the shores of the sunny Adriatic Riviera, through deep canyons where fresh water flows. Mostly we will

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