Guatemala is a fascinating destination for visitors to Central America. It combines spectacular nature, rich culture and Mayan history, whose descendants make up about 90% of the country’s population

The effects of Mayan culture alongside Spanish colonialism are well known, throughout the country and create fascinating intercultural encounters we would like to visit!

In Guatemala, we will enjoy visiting the ancient and picturesque city of Antigua, the Mayan temple ruins at Tikal, and the colorful market in Chichicastenengo. Also enjoy powerful nature sites like Lake Atitlan, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the spectacular Smoky Falls and the smoky volcanoes.

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On this trip, those of us who are short on time will be able to tour Guatemala’s main sites. On this trip we can experience the ancient colonial cities, impressive views, large lakes and alongside volcanoes active ethnic markets and of course the impressive Inca Tikal site. Tour of Antigua

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Our tour to Guatemala, a country where almost in every corner there is evidence  of the Mayan culture, takes us to an ancient and unresolved culture which that culture carried. Alongside this, we will tour several major Guatemalan sites such as the active volcanic lake and the famous and beautiful

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Ancient Mayan culture has taken root in Guatemala very deeply over the years. Throughout the state and especially in the north you can find ancient cities and temples impressive testimony to the triumph of this wonderful people. We will start our walk in the colonial city of Antigua, continue to

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