Family Trips

A bat or bar mitzvah?  wedding anniversary? Just before the recruitment? The big vacation or any other holiday vacation?… All of these and more are a wonderful opportunity to fill the box of family experiences.

Beyond the pleasure of the trip itself, a family trip takes the whole family to another place… Leaving the natural environment, a different atmosphere, spending time together during all hours of the day and connecting to a positive experience together, thrills, new experiences, free time and opportunity for long conversations, card games, puzzles, or any activity that will pass the time between the sites and attractions.

The shared experience solidifies, allows us to learn about each other, and invites us to many happy moments, lots of beautiful pictures and memories for many years: this joke we all laughed at again and again, the horrible hotel that became a funny memory, the omega we all feared and eventually succeeded this restaurant we would return to again if Was just close, and many more memories that will come up at Shabbat meals in general…

For all this to happen, it is very important to plan optimally for such a trip, which will take into account the whole family, the ages and the preferences of each one for accommodation, food, transportation, content, and attractions of the trip.

We at YEADIM – specialize in building unique trips tailored exactly to your family – contact us and we will build your trip together!


Organized trip to Albania

An organized trip to Albania is a journey to one of the most fascinating countries in Europe. Albania was closed to tourists until about 28 years ago, in the early 1990s, and only after the disintegration of communist rule and the death of the ruling dictator was it possible to

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A weekend in Albania

A short flight from Israel, in the Mediterranean basin, rests a small region of land, which has not yet been occupied by modernization, surrounded by uncompromising wildlife, welcome to Albania. For many years Albania was enclosed by walls and fences mostly mentally and geographically which led to Albania being isolated

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Organized trip to Montenegro

For nature travelers in Montenegro, a special experience is expected between the mountainous area and the coastal area, combined with the hospitable residents in Montenegro. The mountainous terrain of Montenegro is beautiful and scenically impressive combined with spectacular geological phenomena makes the trip to Montenegro so special. You can spend

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A trip to Morocco has long been one of the most exciting experiences for Jews from Morocco. For Moroccans and their families, this is an opportunity to return to the place where their lives began, the neighborhood where they grew up, the place where their parents worked, and an opportunity

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  A trip to Morocco is time travel to history from the Roman period, medieval cities and fortresses of barbarians, wild nature with an endless desert, and some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Morocco is rich in beauty and among other things you can find authentic towns,

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A trip to the UAE means for most of us, a trip to Dubai with luxurious canyons, an amazing skyline, and artificial islands. So beyond the prestigious resorts in Dubai, on this complete trip to the UAE, we will visit Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates which is rich

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