Jeep tours are the best way to experience scenery and nature on a trip. The tourist experience on such a trip stays with you long after your return from the trip.

The next thing in the world of tourism are jeep tours around the world. The heart of the trip is a mix of nature, local experiences and cultural activities. The Jeep allows for deeper intimate contact with the people and places they visit, as traveling with this powerful and fast vehicle brings the traveler to experience wild scenery and beyond in curvy ways that no one can pass. It is also possible to experience much more vividly the life of the local residents. In YEADIM  Private Tours’ Jeep Tours with Danny Zacs, we select breathtaking nature destinations, lots of green and water, and high mountain ranges, such as the Caucasus, the Alps, the Balkan Montenegro and Albania, the Atlas Mountains and even Costa Rica.

In recent years, the field of jeep tours has developed among family trips. When you go on a family trip, what are you looking for? Maybe just another different place? Intimate quality time and family formulation? To show children natural and historical values? Being in a safe and relaxed place? All this and more provides a family jeep tour. On the one hand, it is a guided and organized logistical trip that leaves you with no concern, and on the other, every family keeps the small and autonomous bubble in the jeep. The jeep is also a great way to travel. First of all, because in a terrain-capable vehicle we can also gouge distances quickly on the road and also reach remote and magical corners through the rugged rural paths. The Jeep allows us to experience nature without having to deal with difficult physical challenges, there should be no professional climbers or tough cyclists and cold, hot or rainy weather does not deter us. You can reach the same scenic views in a calm and safe way with the whole family and meet the local culture.

It is important to me, Danny Zacs, to get acquainted with local residents, with other cultures and local food. We even incorporate cooking workshops in local homes. In addition, we try to spice up our excursions with attractions such as rafting, cycling, horse riding and walking. Everything to allow a special experience that can only be reached by jeeps.

Jeep tours can be done by self-driving, driving with a local guide, family outing, friends outing or incentive outings. For those of you who are interested in a freelance experiential self-driving jeep tour, you can arrange a custom jeep tour for you.

What does this actually mean? You together with us build the route in advance and after the planning ends you will fly to the destination. Upon arrival, your self-driving jeep will be there and you will start your self-driving tour with a virtual guide. A local dedicated app with your track built and customized on your tablet. In addition, you can get real-time tips on the places on the way, regular weather updates, the possibility of booking hotels on other routes and always in contact with a local representative of our behalf.

You can find our independent tours in a variety of places around the world such as Costa Rica and the Andes Mountains in Argentina. Our hiking trails reach the mountains of Montenegro with a combination of extreme activities and familiarity with local farms, a combination of the Balkan mountain range in Albania and the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. In each of these places you can combine rafting activities, omegas, horseback riding, local cooking classes and many other attractions. Another destination that allows for a spectacular jeep tour is a safari trip in Tanzania. Such a trip combines a photo trip, a tribal trip, a safari trip and everything while taking care of the smallest details.

Most importantly, go for a jeep ride with zero worries as we take care of everything and you and your friends on the trip are gearing up for real fun. Here are some jeep excursion destinations which we offer.


Jeep trip to Albania

Albania, which has only recently been revealed to Israeli travelers, is a real surprise. The beautiful Balkan country offers mountainous views, historic cities, charming beaches, excellent food and cheap prices. Albania is a great destination for jeep tours, starting in the center of the country, climbing mountains and descending to the beaches of the Albanian Riviera. On the way, you pass between mountains, lakes and villages where time has stopped. On a trip to Albania we will tour ancient and large cities with stunning antique design buildings.

The highlight of the trip to Albania is not the big cities but the landscapes, nature and villages. For example, a sub-valley in northern Albania, a beautiful area of ​​lush forests, natural pools and waterfalls, embedded in traditional villages with ancient stone houses and authentic markets. The hike continues to other nature reserves, such as the Lura National Park, which has about 14 lakes. Southern Albania also has bathing sites, such as their Permet baths and special healing properties. The hike continues through beautiful views of mountains, canyons and other villages until it ends in Tirana, the capital.


Jeep tour in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a nature lover’s paradise: it has rainforests and cloud forests, volcanoes, dreamy beaches and an incredibly rich living world. In addition, it is a very safe country, with well-developed tourist infrastructure, so it is convenient to travel. Costa Rica is a perfect destination for jeep tours, with terrain passing through the landscapes of the early and the heart of the wild and virgin nature. Costa Rica Jeep Tour Long Countless Adventure. Among other things, hikers visit some of the most beautiful sites in the country, such as the Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio Park, with white-washed rainforests, and the Monte Verde Preserve, which has a trail of rope bridges between the treetops.

In addition to all of this, the trip to Costa Rica includes lots of unique and memorable experiences: a visit to a rural women’s art center, a chocolate cocoa plantation tour, a hot spring dip, a visit to an organic farm and local villages, a cooking class, an art workshop, a night tour in the rainforest, canyoning between waterfalls In the forest of clouds and more. To all these should be added the field trips, passing through thick jungles and volcanoes. All of these make the trip an unforgettable experience.


Jeep tour in Montenegro

In the hot summer there is nothing like hiking in the green Montenegro when you can enjoy clear and wonderful mountain air at the summits, enjoy a lasting shadow in the tangled forests, dive in the water and swim in the chilly lakes.

The alpine part of the jeep tour includes a visit to some of the country’s most beautiful nature reserves, such as the Dormitory National Park. It is an area of ​​wild and beautiful nature, with towering peaks, vast canyons and spectacular glacial lakes. Famous for the park lakes is the Black Lake, surrounded by woods whose trees are reflected in the water.

It is also the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in the United States. Another great nature reserve is the Biodreska Preserve with a thick and magical forest and a large beautiful lake located over 1094 meters above sea level.

After visiting Montenegro’s wonderful nature reserves, it’s time to return to the Adriatic coastline. Along the way, wooded ridges and green pastures and the winding channel of the Morcha River pass. A must-see station is Skaddar Lake in southeastern Montenegro (one third of the lake’s surface is in Albania). The pastoral lake, the largest in the Balkans, is an attraction for many poultry.

If you have not seen enough of beautiful Montenegro, you can sign the trip in a pampering holiday on the Adriatic coast.