Incentive Trip Benefits

Did you know that companies and organizations which invest in incentive trips pays off four times over? Data from the same study, by OXFORD ECONOMICS, showed that in the United States, incentive trips make up 15 percent of all organized trips a year.

The incentive trips or theme trips, their purpose is first and foremost to strengthen the company’s staff, to consolidate the company’s employees and thus create a unique atmosphere in the team, one that will lead to increase employee performance and as a result the organization benefits from it.

Whether it’s an employee’s reward for hard work and / or exceptional accomplishments or whether it’s putting working teams into an experiential activity in recognition of meeting goals, both parties benefit. The employee feels valued and the organization gains a work environment characterized by high motivation.

Incentive trips as they are called are: rewarding worthy success of employees, both past success and future success. For further expansion

The success that incentive trips bring with it is what leads to the decision to continue investing in them

Pre-Corona Age Many companies have invested in incentive trips abroad and what happens in this area the day after?

Surveys conducted on the subject by the ITII-INCENTIVE TRAVEL INDUSTRY INDEX organization confirm the above assumption. A survey conducted by the organization among experts in the field found that about 65 percent estimated that the incentive hiking market will change to some extent, at least in the immediate term. It is estimated that companies and organizations will prefer to spend more incentive trips in Israel and less abroad (for various reasons).

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For those who are wondering, invested and successful incentive trips increase the business partnership of the employees in the organization and bring employees and managers into the organization’s business plan, increase sales among the organization’s sales teams to sell and promote a specific product, create high motivation among employees and motivate employees, For the profitability of the organization.

This is often an invested and pampering one-year company vacation with extensive budgets that leaves employees with pleasant memories that increase motivation for work and leave a longing for the next vacation.

Here are 3 benefits of incentive trips:

A way to achieve business goals

The organizational vacation allows for a pampering break from work on the one hand, and on the other hand the professional atmosphere achieved through the presence of the company’s managers remains. Incentive trips offer the organization’s employees an encouraging, preventive and rewarding opportunity to achieve their business goals. The invention of employees on vacation in a place far from the workplace, a pampering place at a high level, which allows gathering in advanced meeting rooms alongside views of sea, evergreen, or ancient city centers allows the organization to go over its goals and present employees the company’s business goals for the coming year. Meet them

A combination of tranquility and attractions, all at a very high level while maintaining a work atmosphere in the background in light of the presence of the company’s managers is an effective combination that motivates employees significantly.

When in this type of vacation it is easy to perform effective brainstorming which in all probability could not take place in the office during a work routine. Brainstorming can be produced and encouraged while on vacation and rewarded in place of an employee who came up with a good idea, for example a good chaser. It is also possible to reward an employee with a good couple meal when during the brainstorming he came up with a creative idea to advance the goals of the organization and so on and so forth. One way or another there is no doubt that the potential between the social aspect and the professional aspect is immense during a social holiday.

Incentive trips as a consensus

There are almost no people who would refuse a pampering attractive trip. In this respect incentive trips constitute a consensus. Incentive trips are an appropriate reward for all employees and managers in the organization. Surveys show that in elections employees are rewarded, the rabbi prefers a company vacation over a specific and focused attraction as opposed to spot activities such as abseiling, karting, skiing and other activities that are suitable for some employees, vacationing abroad or in a hotel or a trip focused on a theme and activities On it and want it.Hence the added benefit of incentive trips: they fit and satisfy everyone.

A unique and unforgettable experience

The important thing in incentive trips is that the employees will go with the successful experience for a long time. Incentive trips for the participants in them are something memorable. A kind of experience that will burn in their minds for a long time even after the trip is over. In this way they have added value that strengthens the employees and motivates them for long periods even after the trip ends. They will remember the amazing experience later on and it will provide them with the strength to deal with stress at work and with complex projects. Just the thought that the employees will get another trip, similar to the one below, will be a kind of “guarantee” that the employees will be kept involved throughout the year, productivity will increase and they will wait anxiously for the next vacation.

And what are the goals that can enable a company vacation, a pampering incentive trip for employees, one that will burn in their minds, around the world?

So it is important to design tailored and accurate routes for any organization and company around the world.

It is imperative to have excellent relationships and collaborations with leading and quality local suppliers in each destination. Among the successful destinations for trips are those that are in Central and South America, Africa, the Far East and also a variety of nearby destinations in Europe.

Among our destinations for incentive trips can be found the exotic Costa Rica, sensual Brazil, Cuba and its unique culture, Vietnam and Cambodia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka which naturally blends in with a pampering vacation in the Maldives.

In Africa you can vacation in Tanzania, Zanzibar and the Seychelles. The destinations recently added to the map are the special and colorful Morocco, the glittering and pampering Dubai and Abu Dhabi,  magical Baharain and the Hashamit kingdom of  Jordan.

If you want a destination by the meditterenean sea We will be happy to host you in one of the pampering resorts in the Greek islands, a pampering vacation in Athens or a special weekend in Rome.

If you want to combine activities and games in nature we will be happy to accommodate you in green Montenegro, a jeep tour in emerging Albania and the neighboring countries of the Balkans, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Details of the destinations and options can be found on our website

Looking for a destination that combines culture and food? We will be happy to host you in green Georgia, with luxurious hotels, unique views and delicious food with pampering hospitality.

Of course if you want to combine a vacation in Israel you will be happy to know that we offer a variety of routes and interesting places in the Jerusalem area, in the western Negev, the eastern Negev south and north of the country and all this combined with pampering accommodation or day trips with pampering activities.

So you have nothing to worry about at all !! You need to set the budget and main goals of the vacation and we together with you will optimally adjust the vacation.

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