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The trip to Ethiopia is a combination of ancient history, landscapes, small villages, remote towns, rare animals and colorful markets. On our extensive trip in Ethiopia we will experience all this and much more. We will visit fascinating tribes, spectacular palaces, churches, lakes, impressive waterfalls, endemic animals and colorful markets.


Highlights of the route

  • Addis Ababa – National Museum and Prehistoric Sites
  • Gonder – King’s and Queen’s Palace, churches, castles and palaces
  • Cruise at Tsumo Lake
  • Exum and Lilabella – World Heritage Sites
  • Tour of ancient tribes – the Mara tribes, the Mursi, the Dorse
  • The Nile Falls
  • Simian National Park
  • Tana Lake Cruises
  • Touring colorful markets
  • End your trip with a traditional dinner with typical music and ethnic dance.


Routes and Schedule


Day 1: Arrival – Bahir Dar

After your arrival to Addis Ababa international airport our local representative will give you a warm welcome. We will then proceed driving to Bahir Dar after a quick lunch in Addis. On this day, we will have en route stops at Debre Libanos Monastery and the Blue Nile Gorge.

Arrival in Bahir Dar will be in the evening.

Overnight in Bahir Dar.

Day 2: Bahir Dar Tour

Our day starts with a tasty breakfast at your hotel followed by a boat trip on the wide Lake Tana for a visit to Ura Kidane Mihret, Kibran Gabriel and Azwa Maryam.

Afternoon, we will have an excursion to the smoking fall, Blue Nile Falls which hights 35+ meters. This day ends sunset a stunning sunset towards Lake Tana.

Overnight in Bahir Dar

Day 3: Gondar- the Camelot of Africa

The morning drive takes us to Gondar where a 17th Century Royal Enclosure and Deber Berhan Selassie Church are found. The enclosure generally consists of 8 parts. Within the Fasil Ghebbi palace compound,  the Castle of Emperor Fasilidas, the Castle of Emperor Iyasu, the Library of Tzadik Yohannes; the Chancellery of Tzadik Yohannes; the Castle of Emperor David, the Palace of Mentuab and Banqueting Hall of the Emperor Bekaffa are found.  Whereas the remaining seven parts are located in and around the city of Gondar: the Debre Berhan Selassie (Monastery and church); the Bath of Fasilidas; Kiddush Yohannes; Qusquam (Monastery and Church); Thermal Area; the Sosinios (also known as Maryam Ghemb); the Gorgora (Monastery and Church) and the Palace of Guzara.

Overnight in Gondar

Day 4: Majestic Simien Mountains

Simien is popular for its breathtaking landscapes, friendly gelada baboon, endemic mammals and birds and hiking. For its natural value, UNESCO has registered this park in 1978. Simien Park is also distinctive for the human population living inside the park. This would help the visitors experience the real local life while they are in the park.

Overnight in Simien.

Day 5: Limalimo – Axum

Leaving the Simien Park, we will head to Axum after a quick breakfast in the early morning. Our arrival in Axum will be in the midday. Once we check in our hotel and have lunch, we will be visiting this ancient city. The old staele field, Axum Zion Church, and the ruins of old palaces will be our main attractions while we are this town.

Overnight in Axum

Day 6: Mekele – Wukro Cherkos

After breakfast we will take our way to Wukro Cherkos church En route, we will have stops at Wukro Cherkos church and Negash Mosque. Arrival in the capital of the Tigray Region, Mekele, will be later afternoon. The rest of the day is spent in our hotel for leisure.

Overnight in Mekele.

Day 7: Mekele-Lalibela

Today, our longest drive takes us to the home of the world’s largest monolithic church. We will cross magnificent landscapes and colourful markets en route on this day.

Overnight in Lalibela.

Day 8: Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela

This small town holds 11 churches each carved from a single block of granite. Most of the churches are beautifully designed with fragile-looking windows of different sizes, various forms of crosses, and catchy wall paintings. The churches are connected to each other by tunnels and walkways.

Overnight in Lalibela. 

Day 9: Yemrhanna Kirstos Church

After a relaxed breakfast at your lodge, we will drive about 42km beyond Lalibela for Yemrhanna Kirstos church. This church predates Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches by about 80 years. The church is built rather than excavated. This entirely inspiring complex sits within a cave roofed by basalt lava flows.

Overnight in Lalibela. 

Day 10: Dessie

We are now starting the drive back to Addis Ababa where the tour ends. Today, w will drive about half of our way to Addis. Arriving late afternoon in Dessie, we will spend the rest of the day at our leisure.

Overnight in Dessie.

Day 11: Addis Ababa

Most of this day would have no stops on the way. We will be reaching Addis Ababa late in the afternoon.

Overnight in Addis Ababa.

Day 12: Arrival and Drive to Arba Minch

Breakfast is served at your hotel in Addis Ababa. En route, we will visit Alaba Village. We will be arriving Arba Minch early in the evening.

Overnight in Arba Minch

Day 13: Lake Chamo and Dorze Village

In the morning, we will have a short boat trip on Lake Chamo for visiting the crocodile market. Afternoon, we will drive up to Dorze Village which is popular for its bamboo huts and weaving experience. Back to Arba Minch for the overnight.

Overnight in Arba Minch. 

Day 14: Arba Minch-Jinka via Konso

After breakfast we will be on our way to Jinka, we will have some time in Konso. The Konso are also renowned for their anthropomorphic hardwood statues carved to mimic the deceased, waka grave-markers, and for their communally constructed reservoirs. Konso is also popular for its traditional Konso fabrics and other local handicrafts.

Proceed driving to Jinka for the overnight.

Overnight in Jinka.

Day 15: Mago National park – Mursi Tribes

Found 30+ miles from Jinka, this park is a residence for numerous tribes of the Omo. On this day, we will visit Mursi tribes who are well-known for the lip discs they insert into their lips starting at the age of 15 or 16.

Afternoon, we proceed our drive to Turmi for the overnight.

Overnight in Turmi. 

Day 16: Dassanech – Hamar Tribes

This morning we will drive to Omo River for Dassanech tribes in the morning. The Dassanech people are not strictly defined by ethnicity. Over time the tribe has absorbed a wide range of different peoples and it’s now divided into eight main clans. We will visit one or two of the clans. Back to Turmi for lunch and afternoon, we will visit the closer Hamar People. Based on availability, we may also experience the bull jumping ceremony that is held nearby our lodge.

Overnight in Turmi. 

Day 17: Turmi-Arba Minch

After a relaxed breakfast at your lodge, we will then say ‘goodbye’ Hamar and drive back to Arba Minch. We will, of course, have en route stops for coffee, photography, and lunch.

Overnight in Arba Minch. 

Day 18: Addis Ababa – tour end

Most of this day would have no stops on the way. We will be reaching Addis Ababa late in the afternoon. The tour ends with a farewell dinner organized at one of the best traditional restaurants in Addis Ababa where you will experience traditional dances, music, foods, and drinks.

Bon Voyage!


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