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Our tour to Guatemala, a country where almost in every corner there is evidence  of the Mayan culture, takes us to an ancient and unresolved culture which that culture carried. Alongside this, we will tour several major Guatemalan sites such as the active volcanic lake and the famous and beautiful Lake Atitlan but mostly our excursions will focus on the Mayan culture

  • Tour of Antigua – Downtown, The main buildings and the ancient part.
  • Pacaya volcano.
  • IXIMCHE – Mayan Archaeological Site
  • Lake Atitlan – boating in the lake and visiting the surrounding villages
  • YAXHA – Mayan Archaeological Site
  • Tikal – the largest and most impressive site among all Mayan sites.
  • IXPANPAJUL- Extreme National Park
  • Katzal- ecological rainforest

Routes and Schedule


Day 1: Welcome to Guatemala

  Arrival to Guatemala City and transfer to Antigua.

Day 2: Antigua + Pacaya Volcano

  Visit Antigua Guatemala, a colonial city declared by UNESCO “Cultural Heritage of Humankind”.  We begin in Antigua’s Historic Centre, starting from the Main Plaza and visiting the main monuments of the city.  Afterwards we will continue towards the pacific coast to climb the Pacaya Volcano.The Pacaya Volcano (2,500masl) is an impressive active volcano, Strombolian type. We start climbing from the village of San Francisco de Sales, and hike up for approximately 1 hour 30min. PM return to Antigua Guatemala.

  Day 3: Iximché –lake Atitlán

In the morning we head to the highlands. On the way to Lake Atitlán we will visit Iximché, an archaeological site located in the town of Tecpán.  Iximché was the former capital of the Maya-Cakchiquel, place where in 1524 was founded Guatemala´s first capital by the Spanish conqueror Pedro de Alvarado.  After the visit we continue to Lake Atitlán. Time at leisure to enjoy the town of Panajachel. 

  Day 4: Santiago Atitlán 

Lake Atitlán is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the World.  Today we will visit Santiago Atitlán, one of the twelve villages that surround the lake. Departure in the morning by boat to the Maya-Tzutuhil village of Santiago, famous for Maximón, a character that is widely worshiped by its inhabitants. Santiago also offers a variety of handicrafts, colorful textiles, woodcarvings and naïf paintings.  In the afternoon return to Panajachel and afterwards continue to Guatemala City. 

 Day 5: Yaxhá Archaeological Site 

The Northern part of Guatemala was the birthplace of the great Mayan Civilization.  Early morning transfer from the hotel to the airport to board the flight to Flores, Petén and continue to Yaxhá (“Turquoise Water”). Yaxhá was considered an important civic and ceremonial site during the Mayan Classic Period; it is settled on a hill overlooking the beautiful Yaxhá and Sacnab Lagoons.  Epigraphic evidence assures that it had important relationship with Tikal, as a “satellite” of Tikal during the Classic Period (300-950 A.D.). Yaxhá is the only site in Petén, besides Tikal, that has a “Twin Pyramid Complex.

  Day 6: Tikal

The majestic city of Tikal, considered the largest and most monumental of all sites discovered in the Mayan World; it was declared by UNESCO as a “World Heritage Site”. Enjoy a guided walking tour to visit the most important plazas, complexes, temples, ball courts, palaces and stelae. Also enjoy the tropical forest, nesting place of hundreds of exotic birds and the habitat of a wide variety of wildlife. Afternoon transfer back to Flores.    

 Day 7: Ixpanpajul (Hanging bridges adventure and Canopy Ziplines)

Enjoy an adventure in Ixpanpajul Natural Park, where you will walk in the “Sky Way”: a series of 6 linked suspension bridges through the upper levels of the forest and paths, which will give you the opportunity the enjoy the lush tropical forest and wildlife of the region. After this 2 hour walk, you will enjoy the “Tarzan Tour”, a serious fun and full of adrenaline canopy tour, where you will fly through the jungle in a safe way.

 Day 8: Ceibal – Candelaria 

 We depart by road to Sayaxché, where we take a boat through the La Pasión River, and continue to Ceibal. The archaeological site of Ceibal flourished from 200 A.D. to 900 A.D. and has an extraordinary number of Mayan stone carved monuments and temples. The stelae of Ceibal are one of the finest and best preserved which is why Ceibal is known as “The Gallery of Mayan Art”. After the visit we continue to Cuevas de Candelaria National Park in Alta Verapaz

Day 9- Candelaria Caves-Cobán

This morning we visit the Candelaria Caves, the largest found in Central America, located at the foot of the Chamá Mountain Range. “…. It is one of the most extraordinary underground systems on Earth… Afterwards we continue to the city of Cobán.  We visit the Calvary Church where the MayaKekchí practice ceremonies to worship their pre-hispanic gods. 

Day 10-The Quetzal Biotope 

 After breakfast we drive through the mountains to visit the lush cloud forest ecosystem of the Biotope “El Quetzal – Mario Dary Rivera,” natural habitat of the National Bird, the Quetzal. After the visit we continue to Guatemala City passing through a varied topography, from the misty cloud forests in Alta Verapaz, to the hot, dry tropical climate of the Motagua river valley where dinosaurs once roamed, to a cooler climate of Guatemala City.

 Day 11- See you soon 

 At the specified time, transfer from the hotel to the airport for your flight back home

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