There is no doubt that nature lover dreams of visiting Mt. Everest once in a lifetime. Yet it is not easy to climb it. Also going on the Everest Base Camp trek is not a feasible option for everyone since it takes almost 15 days long and consists of a great strain on one’s health.

For people who are short on time and also not fully fit, there is an option in the form of the 4 Hours of high altitude flight towards the world’s tallest mountain. Yes, Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in Nepal is gaining more and more popularity currently. It’s an adventure doable in one day while packing the adventure thrills of high altitude mountains through a high altitude flight in the highest region of the world. The flight is a wonderful experience flying over the snow-clad mountains; it certainly will be an experience of a lifetime

The flight to the top of the world Mount Everest base camp is the shortest trip option existing saving you time and money. Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour allows you to visit Mt. Everest in 3 to 4 hours.

Even Forbes has listed the Everest Base camp Helicopter tour with landing and the Breakfast as the number 1 trip in the bucket lists suggested by them.

A typical flight starts from Kathmandu and you fly to Lukla first early in the morning around 6 AM. Chopper trips are organized in the early morning to avoid the unpredictable weather that clouds the mountainous areas in the afternoon and evening. The flight includes landings at Mt. Everest base camp, Kalapather, Lukla, Mt Everest View Hotel,

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, a high altitude flight experience is operated by seasoned pilots that can maneuver through the thinnest atmosphere on earth.  The helicopter pilot also acts as a guide during the trip as s/he points out the major mountain ranges, briefs and leads your trip, and answers your questions.

Right from the word go from Kathmandu airport, the views in the north of snow-clad mountain ranges are stunning. The Langtang range in the center with other famous mountain ranges and peaks of Nepal are spectacular, and the photographers on the board will certainly disturb others with their shutter noises. Flying above forests and villages, at times flying just a few hundred meters above them, especially at highland passes is exhilarating. Travelers have reported seeing houses, animals, and people in the field below. Your cameras and eyes will not rest for a bit.

You land at Lukla airport for refueling. Lukla is a busy airport, which can be easily felt by zooming airplanes and helicopters. This is your first stop, and after refueling, you take off again flying over the amazing villages of Tengboche, Dingboche, and Gorakhshep (common tea-house points for Trekkers on foot).

Based on the weight of Passengers, the chopper will stop a few miles before reaching Everest Base Camp. Two rounds of trips are done with calculated weight and other precautions by the pilot.

You land at Everest Base Camp after flying over Kala Patthar for 5 minutes taking photographs and we will get off the chopper to enjoy a footed view of Mount Everest along with Nuptse and Lhotse towering before her. It is a mesmerizing moment to grasp that we are at the highest ground of the whole planet. It’s easy to feel tiny and insignificant to see how big and grandeur the Himalayas actually is.

After some thoughtful observation, you head back to Hotel Everest View at Syangboche for breakfast. The hotel’s name keeps up to its promise. You will enjoy our meal in the northern balcony of the hotel to enjoy view of Everest and neighboring peaks in the region. And then fly back to Lukla for refueling and later fly again back to Kathmandu airport.