A vibrant, colorful and vivid country in the Caribbean. Cuba takes us on a journey in time for salsa music that fills the streets, colonial buildings along with small houses of different colors from home to house, small restaurants with small tablecloths on the tables, bright 60s and 50s American cars filled with bright colors and people filling the promenade in the evening just like old days… …

Adding  to that atmosphere the  rum establishments, and wonderful cocktails everywhere, including the tastiest pina-colada  you will ever taste, hand-crafted cigar factories, historic sites, antique locomotive trains, expansive sugarcane and tobacco fields and turquoise seaside beaches A rich and full experience of culture, history and warm and fascinating human mosaic!

We will be delighted to personalize your private tour to Cuba for a wonderful Cuban experience.

In Costa Rica, we will get right into a natural picture and face nature with all its power and beauty!

This Central American tropical country has spectacular Pacific and Caribbean beaches, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, abundance of greenery, rainforests and extensive, beautiful nature reserves.

Inside all we will meet the sloth, the big sea turtles, the frogs, the butterflies and many other unique animals. We will enjoy challenging and fun activities: canopy in the heights, a tour of the bridges hanging among the treetops, jeep tours, a tour among small night animals, coffee plantations and cocoa, And also indulge in hot springs, large pools and spas.

Totally the pure good life or as Costa Rican people say “Pura Vida”

Consult us for any further information about private tours in Costa Rica.

Guatemala is a fascinating destination for visitors to Central America. It combines spectacular nature, rich culture and Mayan history, whose descendants make up about 90% of the country’s population

The effects of Mayan culture alongside Spanish colonialism are well known, throughout the country and create fascinating intercultural encounters we would like to visit!

In Guatemala, we will enjoy visiting the ancient and picturesque city of Antigua, the Mayan temple ruins at Tikal, and the colorful market in Chichicastenengo.Also enjoy powerful nature sites like Lake Atitlan, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the spectacular Smoky Falls and the smoky volcanoes.

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Tanzania in East Africa offers an authentic and wonderful experience of early nature, animals and a rich variety of cultures.

National Parks and Animal Reserves make up over a third of Tanzania’s territory, making it a very attractive safari destination! The trip on the safari provides an exciting glimpse into the life of animals up close, in their natural environment, at different seasons and stages of the life cycle.

In Tanzania diverse and breathtaking views! Extensive savannas, rainforests, waterfalls, volcanoes and high mountains, Victoria lake and Tanganyika lake..

In addition, about 120 indigenous tribes live in Tanzania, many of which preserve ancient forms of life of hunting and hunters, and speaking various languages, most of which arenot written.

In a personalized trip to Tanzania,you can choose whether to come in the dry or wet season,during the migratory season or the flushing season. You can choose to focus on nature, wildlife in the safari, or to be acquainted with the different cultures, and you can also, choose to indulge in spectacular beaches at the foot of the Indian Ocean,or on the island which is part of the Republic Of Tanzania – Zanzibar.

In every tour you choose is guaranteed a rich, varied and fascinating experience

The island of Zanzibar belonging to the United Republic of Tanzania is a perfect exotic destination for a vacation, romantic trip or honeymoon

Zanzibar offers turquoise sea, white sands and coconut trees, great dive sites, fun and exciting water sports or just “belly-back” for those who prefer that.

To add interest to the trip you can go on a tour of the turtle island, go fishing and watch dolphins or tour the fields and forests of spice plants and plantations of tropical fruits in a multitude of colors and smells.

A fascinating visit isguaranteed, in the capital city of Zanzibar – Stone Town, a beautiful old city built of white coral. It has narrow alleys, specialty shops, excellent restaurants and a rich and varied nightly food market that must be visited!

All of these together with top-notch hotels allow tourists to enjoy a particularly luxurious vacation experience!

We would love to find with you the resort that will make your vacation in Zanzibar perfect!

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The tour to the Holy Land, tour to Israel is an exciting tour of culture, religion, biblical landscapes and a variety of historical sites. Personalize your tour with us to this “promised land” sacred for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

For the Christian tourist it will be mandatory to visit the important sites by touring Jerusalem, tour to the Old City of Jerusalem, tour to Belem, tour to Nazareth, tour to the Sea of ​​Galilee, tour to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, tour to Tiberias, tour to Jericho and the Golan hights.

The Jewish tourist will tour the western wall, the city of Jerusalem, celebrate Bar Mitzvah in Masada, the city of Zefat, the city of Tiberias and much more.

Also unforgettable tours to the Dead Sea phenomenon, the Masada fortress, Caesarea´ tour, Haifa tour and friendly desert tour as much more. ..

Unforgettable city of Tel Aviv at the center of the country on the Mediterranean coast offers a variety of restaurants, nightlife, and many typical dishes of Israel.

The tour in Israel offers an intense variety of cultural tour, historical tour, gastronomic tour, religious tour, pilgrim tour to this holy land.

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A tour to Argentina gives us a glimpse of unique landscapes, unique natural sites, bustling cities, fine culinary, huge glaciers, powerful waterfalls in the Tango homeland and a soccer experience all making Argentina a memorable experience.

A trip to Argentina, the eighth largest country in the world, begins in Buenos Aires the capital known as the “Paris of South America”. Impressed by a vibrant, beautiful modern city with squares and wide avenues with rich architectural construction, colorful neighborhoods, famous tango clubs, famous Boca and River football clubs and a variety of quality restaurants. We will continue to Patagonia in the southernmost city of the world Ushuaia from which we sail to Antartica, walk in the huge blue glacier park and headed by the “shattering glacier” Perrito Moreno and visit the lake district, and in the city of Bariloche known as “Little Swiss” where the impressive Andean skyline is not overpowered. In eastern Argentina, we will hike the Valdes peninsula, which houses a huge penguin colony along with sea lions, unique whales and other sea animals. We look forward to visiting the bustling Iguacu Falls one of the natural wonders of the modern world, 3 miles of spectacular waterfalls, in the triangle border of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Wine lovers will not miss a visit to the city of Mendoza and its famous surrounding wineries. In the end, we will not give up the delicious food in the country: the famous asado with the variety of quality meats, the unique empanadas, the special desserts alphajores, the milk jam, the local chocolate in Bariloche, the quality local wine and the slow tea-“mate”.

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Brazil, the largest country in South America, is famous for the amazing beaches, the annual samba carnival, the Capirinia drink and its joyful residents. A trip to Brazil combines samba music, some of the best football players in the world with spectacular beaches, along with impressive waterfalls, tangled jungles, rich wildlife, beautiful rivers and fascinating cities.

The amazing tour to Brazil will begin visiting the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro, always active, volleyball beach parties and more.Climb the cable car to the sugar loaf for a sunset view of the city, visit the Corcovado summit with the statue of “Jesus Christ” overlooking the city, recommended the city’s neighborhoods Famous for visiting the Samba School and the Holy Hall for the soccer fans of Maracana Stadium. We will continue south to f the magnificent Iguazu Waterfalls in the triangle border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and admire the waterfalls alongside rainforests and rich natural life. From there we will hike the world’s largest wetland Pantanal on the Bolivia and Paraguay border and meet a variety of special animals in high concentrations. It is recommended to visit the Amazon River in the world’s largest rainforest with a variety of animals: jaguars, tapas, monkeys, lazy snake anaconda snakes and more. An Amazon tour allows us a rare glimpse into local resident’s life learning their use of medicinal plants and customs. From here, we will visit Salvador de Bahia with its colorful and vibrant antique district, narrow alleys, spectacular beaches and some say the annual carnival here is more authentic and colorful than other locations in Brazil.

Brazil is an instant encounter with the warm inhabitants, crazy landscapes, crazy music and lots of joy.

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Peru offers visitors the best of South American peaks in the Andean mountains, ancient colonial cities, Amazon River cruises, Amazon River Gongs, breakthrough innovative architecture, a variety of cuisine and of course one of the seven wonders of the world the lost city of Machu Picchu.

A trip to Peru begins in the capital city of Lima with its famous squares, impressive buildings, museums and an extensive nightlife. To the south of Lima, the town of Nasca and adjacent to it are arid expanses of one of the unsolved mysteries to this days the Nasca lines. Nasca people have drawn long lines and trajectories on the desolate spaces that lead nowhere and can be seen in flight above them. On the way they pass through the town of Pisco and sail to Ballestas Island known as the “Galapagos for the Poor” and the town of Huacachina where we buggy sand tours  in the surrounding dunes. Continue south to the “white city” of Arequipa, evacuated on the banks of Lake Titicaca and of course the highlight of Peru the “lost city” of the Inca Machu Picchu and the Old Town of Cusco.

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Cambodia is one of the most intriguing countries in Southeast Asia. The country has evolved in recent years but is still exotic and virgin. A tour to Cambodia combines visits to colorful markets, bustling cities, authentic villages, palaces, ancient temples, historical monuments, rainforests, waterfalls and rivers including the famous Mekong River.

A visit to Cambodia begins in the capital Phnom Penh on the plethora of buildings and temples, most notably of them is the King’s Palace complex. We will continue to visit the ancient city, Angkor, the world’s largest archaeological site, uncovering over a thousand remains of palace temples and pagodas among the impressive and preserved of all the Angkor Wat Temple. You won’t miss a visit to Siam Reap on the riverbank with ancient colonial buildings and authentic markets surrounding rice fields. We will indulge in southern Cambodia the Sihanoukville Resort in the Gulf of Thailand with white sands of tropical vegetation and divingsites.

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The long and narrow state of Chile on the west coast of South America provides us with vast contrasts of the most arid desert of the world to huge glaciers. In Chile, you will enjoy the scenery of Genesis with volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls, active glaciers, lakes of different colors, forests, vineyards and mysterious islands.

Our tour in Chile starts in the modern capital city of Santiago, passes through the Atacama Desert the arid desert of the world, we will admire lakes of different colors found in the southern state of the lake, along with waterfalls, rainforests and snowy mountains. We will not miss the famous Patagonia in the south of the country with its glaciers and fjords, and we will travel to the famous Carretera Austral .for the daring travelers among us  we suggest a  visit to the Easter Islands on the coast of Chile  to admire the huge stone sculptures.

Chile, a combination of nature, culture and culinary, made contact with us for the perfect trip.

Montenegro, the “Black Mountain”, a small Balkan state off the coast of the Adriatic, encompasses wild landscapes, authentic villages, ancient monasteries, a lively coastal strip and semi-European Balkan culture.

A trip to Montenegro divides into wild nature walks in the undeveloped mountainous areas alongside the bustling coastal area, mountain-hewn monasteries, spectacular lakes and the Genesis Islands. We can go trekking or hiking in the Dormitory, Biograd or Tara Nature Reserves, rafting in the stormy Tara River canyon, at Skadar Lake, ancient towns such as kotor  and Budva, quality winter skiing and all with a very welcoming and friendly local population.

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The Philippines, an island state located east of Vietnam off the coast of Southeast Asia, is a diverse destination that allows everyone have a  vacation at any age. A variety of options on the islands include visiting volcanoes, sugar fields, paddy fields, lakes, picturesque rice terraces, river rafting, coral reefs and sites Diving is spectacular, alongside with vibrant nightlife and parties.

We will stroll on Buracay Island with spectacular beaches taken from postcards, on Bohol Island beyond beautiful beaches where you can find round and wooded hills known as the “Chocolate Hills”, on the beautiful island of Palawan Island of fishing villages and the recommended island of Malfascoa for a rich underwater world.

Whether you are looking for an exotic honeymoon vacation, a different stroll around virgin surroundings and unique Philippines views this place is for you.

Contact us to personalize your itinerary in the Philippines.

Rwanda,the land of the” Thousand Hills” offers spectacular views of forested mountains , tropical rainforest lakes and encounters with a variety of animals with the highlight tour  being mountain gorilla safaris that have survived only in few places in the world.

In Rwanda, a developed country in Central Africa, all the attractions are around nature. A green land with many volcanic and lakeside treks, and three large nature reserves known as the Akugera Reserve and the Volcano Conservation Area on the border with Uganda with mountain gorillas. The capital City, Kigali,is a well-developed tourist destination and a safe city with many restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

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In Sri Lanka a tear shaped island in the Indian Ocean, we have stunning beaches, wooded landscapes, diverse animals and many world heritage sites. A trip to Sri Lanka, near India, is an experience for all senses: warm air from endless green spaces and colorful markets.

A tour to Sri Lanka begins in the capital Colombo, from where we will go to the main sites of the island: the Dambulla Cave Temple, Sigiria Fortress – the famous Tooth Rock, the Holy City of Annardaphura, the Canadian Tooth Temple and the Nawuraeliya Tea Plantation. For beach lovers and especially surf lovers, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for a backpacking holiday combined with surfing and night parties on the island’s beaches.

Within a short flight from Sri Lanka are the exotic islands, the Maldives, which allow you to complete a perfect vacation combined with cultural nature and floating hotels on the water.

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A trip to Vietnam, an exotic country located in Southeast Asia, combines breathtaking nature, ancient exotic culture , rivers and lakes of unique colors. The landscapes in Vietnam are diverse and include the special Halong  Bay, the Mekong River delta , magical beaches and rice fields in green spaces where local residents work with a straw hat.

The calm and inviting weather along with the friendly people make Vietnam a popular tourist destination. The variety of Vietnamese-friendly tribes, pagodas and temples, trekking in Vietnam’s enchanting north, diverse culinary and fine dining along with bustling cities and picturesque villages make Vietnam a favorite destination for any tourist.

Contact us for personalizing your Vietnam trip according to your preferences.

Exotic vacation in the Maldives is an ideal destination for couples celebrating a special honeymoon or any other dream holiday. In the Maldives, white sand, coconut trees, clear sea, special diving sites and secluded islands with endless tranquility guarantee a perfect magical vacation.

In each of the inhabited islands is a resort with a variety of accommodation and cabins. The highlights of the Maldives are the huts above the azure waters. In the Maldives, year-round, sunny and steady weather, impressive hotels, with high-level cabins on each island, a relaxing view of the calm and an extraordinary calm sea.

To book a dreamy exotic vacation in the Maldives you are mostly welcome to contact us.

A trip to Jordan in general and Petra, known as the “Red Rock”,is one of the main tourist routes for every tourist in their trip to the Middle East. In Jordan, a variety of magical sites canyons, flooded rivers and waterfalls that make Jordan an ideal spot for hiking and field trips, camel tours and archeology paradise, all along with the warm hospitality of Jordanians make the visit to Jordan a real experience.

On the trip to Jordan, the central attraction is the famous Old Nabatean Petra hike due to its impressive rock-cut structures that gave it the nickname “Red Rock,” the ancient Roman city of Jerash, the most beautifully preserved and surviving city in Wadi Rum, the longest river in Jordan along narrow sandy canyons and channels. The resort followed with spectacular diving sites and the capital of Jordan Amman with its historic sites.

A trip to Jordan is undoubtedly a unique experience. You are welcome to contact us to book your trip.