A trip to Jerusalem following the 1948 warriors


The United Nations General Assembly decided on November 29 that Jerusalem would become an international city.

The significance of the decision is that Jerusalem does not belong to any country but to foreign organizations. In such a situation, will the Jews be able to visit Jerusalem?
The Arabs did not accept the UN resolution and began the first phase of the War of Independence followed by the second phase after the declaration of the state and the invasion of five Arab states.

David Ben-Gurion made a decision no matter what to connect Jerusalem to the new state. For this purpose, a great deal of effort was invested by the fighting force over ten months in breaking through to Jerusalem and transferring aid to the besieged city. We are all familiar with Ben-Gurion’s well-known phrase, “There is no Latrun, there is no road to Jerusalem, there is no road, there is no Jerusalem, and if there is no Jerusalem, there is no state.”

On our fascinating trip, we will follow the 1948 fighters on the way to Jerusalem. We will hear the story of the Alexandroni Brigade in the battles of Latrun, the affair that shook the country in its infancy, we will get to know the story of the Palmach through the cemetery in Kiryat Anavim and end with the conquest of the Castel.

Routes and Schedule


A trip to Jerusalem following the 1948 warriors schedule

We will start the morning at the gas station in Latrun where everyone will arrive and after a short refreshment we will set off.

First point – a monument to the Alexandroni Brigade

The monument is located on a low hill overlooking the battle area where the brigade fought in the War of Independence. According to IDF fighters, “no one is left wounded on the ground.”

When the explanation is over, we will move on.

Second point – Hill 314

The hill is located about a kilometer and a half south of the Arab village of Latrun near the British police building (Tigert Fortress) now the Armored Museum. On the night of 24-25, as part of Operation Ben-Nun, the takeover of the area was planned to open the way to Jerusalem. The importance of the hill can be seen from where we stand. Also here occurred one of the most difficult affairs in the country since its inception, the Tobiansky affair. After the fascinating story, we will continue our tour.

Third point – Mitzpe Harel

At the Mitzpe Harel lookout point, we will get to know the Burma Road and understand its importance while weaving stories of warriors and songs relevant to the period. We will get to know how the road was discovered by chance, how it was paved in the middle of the fighting, and what the origin of the name is.

Fourth point – the comb reserve

There is nothing like walking in the wooded forest of Jerusalem among the pine trees. The hiking trail in the reserve is comfortable, ring-shaped, and easy. A route on the order of one kilometer in the heart of a Mediterranean grove with observation points on the way to Jerusalem. Stone steps are scattered along the route, both ascending and descending. The reserve got its name from Jerusalem pine trees that grow at its summit and remotely resemble the shape of a hair comb attached to its head. Probably the first to give the reserve its name were members of the Palmach training camp who sat in Givat Brenner and went on tours of the area.

Fifth point – Radar Hill

After a short drive, we will reach Radar Hill at an altitude of 880 meters above sea level, above the settlement of Har Adar which preserves the name of the place. The place is first and foremost an excellent view of the road to Jerusalem opposite the comb ridge where we have been so far. When you get to the point, you understand the strategic importance of occupying the place and controlling the axis that ascends to Jerusalem. It was important for the Jordanians to control the point as part of a strategic control sequence from Latrun to Jerusalem. The place was occupied by Palmach forces on May 13, 1948, a day before the establishment of the state.

Sixth point – Kiryat Anavim Cemetery

What if you were told to dig a grave before going into battle? What would you think of that? How has the place managed to survive and survive over the years in an environment of harsh conditions? What is special about the cemetery and the connection to the Palmach Brigade? We will answer this and tell the story of the battle in Nabi Samuel and that terrible Passover night with the warriors who returned from the battle. We will get to know the legendary warrior Jimmy and the monument erected in his memory by his father.

Seventh point – the Castel

Our tour culminates. We will ascend to the summit of Castel National Park while on the way we will crouch between the fortified destination canals on the hill. Upon reaching the peak of the ridge we can not help but marvel at the view before us and we can imagine how they fought in 1959 to conquer this important and strategic place.

After a day of stories about the brotherhood of warriors, Zionism adhering to the mission, and a unique experience, we will return to the starting point at Latrun Junction and return satisfied and full of home experiences.

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