In recent years, we have all witnessed the phenomenon of booking a vacation and independent travel online. The typical travel agent who is in the office with a lot of advertising leaflets in exotic destinations around the world, organized trips to Africa, trips to South America, trips to Central America and trips to the Far East is disappearing. Its place is taking on a new trend in the tourism world of planning vacation independently. Quite a few travelers enter the Internet and book flights and hotels alone for the duration of their vacation and rely on the information on social networks on the various websites and travel books for the trip planning. So, it can be a good option if you are only traveling in big, touristy cities where you can hardly get lost. But in more remote and less western destinations there is an advantage for a professional travel agent  planning and organizing the trip with a wide knowledge of the area.

So when is this better? Why is it better to plan your trip with a professional agent?


The Internet has vast amounts of information and a multitude of recommendations for every trip. Of course, not everything that is good for one traveler is suitable for another. To know how to properly process the information, it is recommended to consult a professional travel agent who can help you set up a custom tailor made trip for you. A personal travel agent can help you build the trip from start to finish, from the preparations and booking of the flight and hotel, through personal tailor made recommendations, during the trip time until returning home. The trip will be built to suit your interests, your favorite culinary style, the composition of the traveling group, your pace, your time as well as the purposes of your trip, whether it is for rest or extremes or any other type of trip.


The main purpose of the vacation is to relax and rest, and if you have to spend so much time and energy in planning, in checking, adapting trip changes and unnecessary stress even during the trip itself (how to get to tomorrow’s trip, where to sleep the next day and alike), the vacation immediately becomes less relaxing. There is nothing more annoying once planning the trip and you start your tour ,the trip becomes too stressful and even things go awry. This  is why the contribution of the personal agent is so important. With the help of a professional company, you can take all this pressure off your head and body, let the professionals do all the planning work and just relax before the trip and of course during the trip.


A professional company and professional agent knows well and specialize in the destination you want to travel. A professional travel agent has the knowledge and expertise to plan the trip well. With a professional agent you can know with complete confidence that you build the best, special and highest quality trip. This is very important especially when it comes to exotic destinations that have not yet been fully revealed and do not have too much information. Destinations Private Tour Tours, experience and expertise in such destinations. YEADIM PRIVATE TOURS company specializes in Vietnam tours, Tanzania tour, Cambodia tour, Philippines tour, South America-Brazil and Argentina tours, Central America-Mexico & Costa Rica tour, Sri Lanka tour, India tour, Myanmar tour, South Africa tour and a variety of destinations. Even if you want a vacation at an exotic destination we specialize in vacation in the Maldives, vacation in Zanzibar, vacation in the Seychelles and more. At any of the destinations in the world,YEADIM PRIVATE TOURS provides a professional and high quality envelope for traveling.


A private tour agent accompanies you from the planning stage, during the tour itself until you return back home. At YEADIM Private Tours destinations, we have developed a training tool to help us characterize your trip. If you experience a problem during your trip, All you have do is contact us. The travel agent will stand behind you even when especially during your tour time, helping you find solutions to any problems you may encounter. Knowing that there is someone who supports you in the back automatically makes the tour more comfortable and enjoyable, so you can focus solely on the enjoyment of the hike.


True, nowadays there is no problem in finding flights and hotels on our own in the various search engines, and many of us find ourselves wasting a lot of time searching for all these options. But no matter what we look for ourselves, many times travel agents have better prices for flights and luxury hotels. Beyond flights and hotels, the private travel agent has relationships with good agencies and high-quality local service providers at competitive and fair prices. The tour agent has good working relationships and good contacts with local suppliers at great prices.

So if you are looking for an interesting and exotic destination for your annual vacation, honeymoon, bar mitzvah trip, 50th birthday or any planned and high quality private trip, we recommend using a private travel agent’s service.

YEADIM Private Tours has the knowledge, experience and is an expert organizing your private tour.  Booking wit yeadim is a good choice for those who like to have the perfect vacation.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about organizing your dream trip.