Montenegro or as the local call it “Charna Gora” is a small and mountainous country in the western part of the Balkan states in southern Europe. In order to make the location easier to understand, it is only about two and a half hours direct flight from Tel Aviv. Montenegro borders the Balkans countries such as Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

Montenegro is a small country located on the coast of the Adriatic, on the edge of the Balkans, and together with Serbia today forms the Republic of New Yugoslavia. Its name is “Black Mountains” and the origin of the name is from the mountainous horizon full of black trees that was discovered by seamen who came ashore back in the thirteenth century. The territory of this small state is about half of the state of Israel (about 14,000 square kilometers) and its entire population is about 630,000. This means a lot of free space, lots of unspoilt nature, virginity beaches and most of all a destination that has not yet reached the world tourism map. Montenegro is indeed divided into hilly, rural areas that have not yet reached its destination, and a wonderful, slightly more developed coastal area.

A trip to Montenegro? This is one of the last destinations in Europe that has not yet been conquered by tourists from around the world. In 2006, a referendum was held and residents voted in favor of retiring from the federal union with Serbia and declaring independence, thus ending many years of war. A busy past in the wars has meant that its beautiful and wild landscapes, authentic villages and half-European Balkan culture have not yet been affected by commercialization and over-tourism. Montenegro still retains its authentic character, and it is possible to experience its culture without being caught up in the so common tourist traps elsewhere.

During a trip in Montenegro you can enjoy beautiful virgin beaches, beautiful beach towns, trekking and mountain jeep tours, skiing, river rafting, excellent food and a (welcoming mostly rural) population.

You can reach to Montenegro by direct flight from Israel to the airport in the capital of Podgorica or in the central coastal city of Tivat. Immediately upon landing, you can feel the differences between the airport from which we recently departed for the small and familiar airport we had just landed. Forget about access sleeves or a shuttle bus to the terminal – a short walk and you are at the Reception Hall. If you came on a honeymoon, family vacation or jeep tour this is where your trip begins.

One of the main reasons for getting to Montenegro is the spectacular views, which include four large nature reserves, 117 beaches along the Adriatic Sea, lakes, deep rivers as well as the beautiful Dinar Alps. Dormitory National Park, which has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a stunning natural reserve of the beauty of mountain ranges, lakes, pine forests, underground streams and flooded rivers, of which the Tara River Canyon and the famous lake in the reserve is the spectacular Black Lake. It is also worth a visit to lake Skaddar, the largest in the Balkans, which is the largest natural reserve in Europe for wingers. Another nature site is Biograd Forest – one of the last remaining forests in Europe. The forest has 220 plant species and 86 species of trees. Some are 500 years old, and the reserve also has lakes and plenty of animals, such as bears, deer, foxes and wolves. The most recommended way to travel in the mountainous region and get to know the local life is to have one of the jeep tours for families or singles.

A trip to Montenegro is incomplete without visiting Kotor Bay and its ancient city. It is a wonderful place in its beauty. Amazing limestone cliffs rise out of the Adriatic sea, like green fjords in a sea of ​​blue water, and above them lightly white clouds, gently caressing their fur. Not to mention the Lonely Planet nominated it as the best destination in 2016. A short drive from Kotor along the coast to the picturesque town of Perast which has only about 200 inhabitants. The main attraction of which is the artificial island known as “Our Lady of the Rocks”. We will not miss the spectacular view from the Luvcen Mountains reached by the Serpentine Way.

In the southern coastal strip is the town of Bar that, beyond being a large city with many tourists, is has the oldest 2244 year old olive tree in the world and according to local belief if you surround it three times you will get lucky beloved and rich. Of course, on the way you will not miss the view of St. Stephen’s Island – which is all just a hotel to the very rich people. The beach area is recommended to be located in the city of Budva, with a variety of hotels at different levels and a vibrant old town.

So why to visit Montenegro? A close, inexpensive destination, stunning beaches and nature in all its glory make it an ideal destination for all families traveling. Montenegro has yet to trade and is a short distance away on direct flights.

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