Israel is a country in Western Asia located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan in the east, and Egypt on the southwest, and contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area. Also adjacent are the West Bank to the east and Gaza Strip to the southwest. Israel is the world’s only predominantly Jewish state with a population of about9 million people, of which approximately 8 million are Jewish. The largest ethnic minority group is the segment denominated as Arab citizens of Israel, while minority religious groups include Muslims, Christians, Druze, Samaritans and others, most of which are found within the Arab segment.
Israel, perfectly located at the fulcrum of Europe, Asia and Africa is a world-class destination for sophisticated travellers. Israel offers cultural attractions, luxury hotels, glamorous spas and a hot restaurant scene – all within an atmosphere that combines the very ancient with the ultra-tech and the exotic with the contemporary.
Often called the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel is a representative democracy with a parliamentary system and universal suffrage. The Prime Minister serves as head of government and the Knesset serves as Israel’s legislative body. The economy, based on the nominal gross domestic product, is the 44th-largest in the world. Israel ranks highest among Middle Eastern countries on the UN human development index, freedom of the press, and economic competitiveness. Jerusalem is the country’s capital, seat of government, and largest city, while Israel’s main financial center is Tel Aviv.

A journey to Israel creates spiritual experiences that will last a Lifetime. Traveling to the land of Israel spiritually enriches Christians and helps them understand their Bible and faith better. The classic pilgrimage tour will take you to the places where jesus walked. You can experience a spiritual journey that will include church services and inspiring visits to sites such as Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem mountains and the Sea of Galilee. In such a tour you will visit the city of Nazareth, the ancient Jaffa port, the ancient port of Ceasarea, the Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem, the city of Bethlehem where Jesus was born and the city of Capernaum where Jesus practiced his law.

If you are a protestant or evangelist believer when can tailor made you such a tour. While visiting the Land of the Bible, where faith and history meet you will Discover the cradle of Christianity by experiencing, both physically and spiritually, the various biblical landscapes and sites of the Land of Israel. You might as well want to follows Abraham’s journey into the unknown, a journey instigated by faith, emboldened by trust and enriched along the way by encounters with people that were different from him. In this case following Abrahams steps we offer you a tour starting from the Negev Desert, Nabatean cities, tasting local Israeli food in Israeli oriental families house, floating in the Dead Sea, culinary tours in Jerusalem, wine tours, active trails tour and leisure tours near the Mediterranean cost.

As well for Christians we offer a great variety of Jewish Heritage tours. We offer a high quality, custom-made programs for Jewish groups, families and the Jewish individual traveler. We are your partner for Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours, Synagogues, delegations from around the world, Jewish Federation missions, family visits, celebrations and more. Celebrating a   Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel is the best way to deepen your child’s connection with Israel and make them aware of their roots and heritage. We provide the opportunity for the whole family to travel and experience together, feel at home in Israel, and strengthen connection to our Jewish heritage. In such tours you will visit the main sites in Tel Aviv, The old city of Acre, The old city of Ceasarea, visit a Kibbutz, the northern cost border of Rosh Hanikra, adventure days in the Golan heights, a bar mitzvah ceremony eighter in the western wall in Jerusalem or in the top of Masada viewing the Dead Sea and Judean Desert.

This is just a small sample of our varied range of tours in Holy Land Israel.

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