Going abroad is always fun. The trip can be spontaneous, to a short distance destination or a long trip abroad to a distant destination. This may be a family trip, an annual vacation, a honeymoon vacation, a private trip or any other type of trip. In each case, it is worthwhile getting organized in advance in order to maximize the enjoyment of the trip abroad. Good planning of the trip requires a lot of research, especially if you want to spend the time on the trip correctly and not spend it on looking for places. This can easily be lost in the wealth of information. In order to make it easier and try to put some order before you here are some of the basic steps in planning the trip.

Decision of the destination

Of course, the first thing to do is to choose a destination for your trip. In order to decide where to travel you need to take a number of parameters into account. First, when do you want to fly, especially with reference to the weather at the destination. Then we have to decide how much time we have to spend on the trip. Of course it makes no sense to fly to a distant destination for a short period. What kind of trip are we looking for? Shopping, Nature, Back Belly, Extreme and the like. Another point to consider when choosing the destination is who traveling: family, friends, couples or other participants.

How to find the right destination?

One option is to search the web along the search engines and find cheap flights to different destinations. It is possible to give preference to destinations with cheap flights and according to the parameters I have mentioned before’ to choose a destination. You can search for a target by Google search words and according to your choice there you will travel. For example, look for “Which destination is suitable for a September vacation in South America?”. You can collect information in different Facebook groups. The Facebook network has a great variety of groups with information about travel sites. You can read the various travel blogs about their experiences on the trip and accordingly be impressed and decide about the destination.

Destination research and general route planning

Before you book flights, you have to understand more about your destination, especially if it is a trip longer than a week. The reason is very simple and it is necessary to know the route in general to decide if you should fly and return from the same airport or another airport. How to plan the route in general?

Look for places on Google but not only about their content but really look for things that are of your interest. Otherwise, you will get lost in the web due to plenty of information. You can search Google on websites for different itineraries such as WWW.YEADIMTOURS.COM. There are bloggers who write on the internet about the route they did and information can be collected from there.

Flight search

After deciding on the destination and general route, the search for flights begins. There are plenty of websites online through which you can place an order. We recommend that you check the site’s reliability and order terms carefully. You will sometimes find that it is more lucrative to order through a travel agent.

Search for accommodation

At this point the accommodation should be booked according to the route. Once again, there are a variety of sites on the Web to book accommodations. When booking accommodation, it is important to take into account the level of accommodation we are looking for according to our budget and preferences, hotel location, hotel style such as country or boutique. If you travel by car it is important to check parking options on site. Don”t forget to check for reception hours and room clearance, payment terms, cancellation conditions, food options in hotel And things alike.

Mobility while traveling

After booking flights, hotels and a decision on a route, you need to figure out what is the best way to get around. If you like to travel independently and do not care for driving a lot during the day, it is best to rent a car. In such a situation it is important that you check where the vehicle is collected and where it is returned. Don’t forget to take into account the subject of car insurance on all its various components. If you are mainly in the city or less spoiled you should consider traveling on public transport of course, in which case you will need to study the bus network, local metro and trains between the different cities in order to travel. Of course, the most convenient option is to book a private trip in advance and arrange for pick-up and return to the hotel every day.

Attractions, restaurants and entertainment options at the destination.

In order to plan attractions, we recommend using various websites such as travelers’ blogs, Facebook groups and tourist sites such as Trip Advisor and similar. It is important to understand what each site offers, where it is located, how to reach it, what the cost of entry is and most importantly hours and days of operation. It’s not really pleasant to get to the attraction and find out it’s closed. Restaurant recommendations can be obtained from Trip Advisor or Google of course. A little tip about restaurants: Try to ask locals for recommendations and always when you arrive at the restaurant stop for a moment and look at the audience at the restaurant, are there many people in the restaurant and what the prices are. Regarding the entertainment options, we recommend looking for the clubs that locals spend and mostly are more authentic and less expensive.

It’s important to remember that a trip should enjoy the moment and not be in pursuit all the time. It’s impossible to see and do everything and that’s fine. You have to decide on a few things that are most important for you to do and see and other things will be a bonus. You should also leave room for spontaneity, because while traveling, discover new places and meet people who recommend something new.

Equipment list

Before the trip and after planning the itinerary, the attractions and knowing what the weather is, it is advisable to start organizing a list of equipment for the trip. The list is derived according to the destination of the type of trip and the weather. Don’t forget to write a trip journal to document experiences that will last with us forever.


Once you have booked everything and the trip is ready, you have to make sure for insurance.If there’s something really important to do, it’s to obtain your insurance. Don’t underestimate it. It is important to consider the kind of insurance, whether it fits the type of trip and the various attractions, how to operate the insurance if necessary and more. In any case do not give up medical insurance.

Entry visa

It is necessary to check whether the destination where you are traveling requires a visa. For example, destinations like Vietnam, India and Tanzania require an entry visa. We recommend that you check in advance and evaluate ahead of time.

So what’s left?

After going through all the steps, all you need is to enjoy your trip. We, at  YEADIM PRIVATE TOURS, are available for you with a our love for trips ready to assist you plan your trip and assist you during the trip.