Jerusalem, the capital of Israel is one of the most famous cities in the world. Being sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims no tour in Israel will be complete without visiting Jerusalem. The western wall, the city of David, the fascinating markets of the old city and the train that runs through the city are well known places to everyone in Jerusalem. Probably during the tour in Jerusalem you will visit one of those sites.

But there is much more to visit in Jerusalem. For your next tour in Jerusalem consider other places to visit. Here are seven things you should know about the city of Jerusalem.


Have you ever thought about traveling through time? The shrine of the book contains the seven scrolls from the Dead Sea found at Qumran. Inside the sanctuary of the book you can see the scroll of Isaias that were written by hand 2120 years ago. The black and white colors symbolize the theme of one of the scrolls: the war between the children of light against the children of darkness. Isn’t it incredible?


Right in the place where the border of the divided city of Jerusalem was, there is a symbol for the united city. Museum “On the sean” is a museum of socio-political contemporary art, located on the geographical seam line between East and West Jerusalem, at the meeting point of the three religions, presenting art as a language, without limits, to promote social responsibility that is based on what we all have in common and not on what keeps us apart.


The Machne Yehuda market in Jerusalem, during the day, is like a food lover’s paradise. But Machne Yehuda at night is completely different. After all the businesses close, a new and young alternative appears. The Machne Yehuda Market comes alive. Enjoy this night place different from what is known, where you will find an arak mix, beer, hookahs and the most delicious street food. The main thing hundreds of young people are ready for is to have fun.


The old city walls come alive. The city walls serve as the setting for a nightly show offering a celebration for the sights and sounds. Amidst the archaeological remains in the city courtyard and with the sound of original music, the history of Jerusalem unfolds through giant virtual reality images. “the spectacular night” uses trompe loeil technology: the stones on the walls and the structures fade into the scenes, the projected images envelop the viewers and lead them to a unique multisensory experience.


Stop watching National Geographic documents and get off the couch and see some real sharks in the mountains. The aquarium offers you a fascinating journey through the four seas of Israel: Mediterranean, Sea of ​​Galilee, Dead Sea and Red Sea. All seas have a different sea life depending on the water.


The Austrian pilgrim’s hostal in Jerusalem is the oldest Christian guesthouse in the holy city. The Austrian Hostal Cafe Terrace brings the charm of the Viennese café culture in Jerusalem. The cafe is an ideal place to stop and cool off with a Viennese mix and an apple strudel while visiting the old city of Jerusalem.


If you want to feel a bit like indiana jones this is the place. Here you can walk through hidden underground tunnels from the ancient times of Jerusalem. Visitors to WESTERN WALLS  tunnels walk through ancient and fascinating underground spaces with ancient archaeological finds such as water wells, stone arches, an ancient water aqueduct that ends in a pool and much more. The visit is more than a journey back in time but also a powerful lesson of the Jewish history, archeology and topography of the city.

Those were seven wonders in the city of Jerusalem.

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