An organized trip abroad is a special experience of encountering cultures, landscapes, diverse colors, local cuisine all combined with a variety of dining options. On a trip abroad to other cultures, new worlds open up, revealing the hidden and discovering the unknown. A successful organized trip is one that will leave you with an experience and good taste for many years to come. Even if you think you know the destination and can travel alone or have been there, you will find that on a well-organized trip you can discover much more. Even if you have already been to Zanzibar, been on a safari in Tanzania, been on a trip to Albania and Montenegro, are going on a honeymoon in the Maldives, or are just eager to get to a carnival in Brazil it is recommended to do so on a well-organized trip.
In order for an organized trip abroad to be successful and different from a regular trip, you need more than the destination you are traveling to. You need to experience the local culture, know the history, get to know the hidden places alongside the familiar routes that exist everywhere. , One that looks at the destination in a different way, to experience a local culture, to observe the landscape and not pass it by, to taste the local cuisine, to reach authentic and lesser-known sites, and all this at the right timing.
You are probably asking how to go on an organized trip abroad during the corona? Organized in Corona time should be in a small group and not crowded buses. Beyond maintaining good health, an organized trip in a small group makes the trip more successful. An organized trip in Corona time focuses mainly on nature sites and less on urban areas. On our trips, we take care of accommodations that adhere to the required hygiene rules in the country, and especially recommend accommodation in nature and in any case not large and crowded hotels. Part of the trip organization is of course adherence to Ministry of Health guidelines The updated guidelines can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Health, Aviation during Corona, at the link

If you still prefer not to have a flight then it is possible to have an organized trip in the country. So yes, the new trend is organized trips in the country for groups. The corona has prevented many of us from flying and it is just the time to discover the organized trips in Israel. An organized trip for groups usually lasts two or three days and includes a guide, accommodation in small hotels, and tours of a variety of interesting sites such as the sites around the Sea of Galilee, the Knights’ Halls in Acre, culinary tours, meetings with locals and homestays. The significant advantage of such trips in the country during the corona time is that there are no tourists, the places are not crowded which allows both to enjoy the place and not to be crowded and maintain the required distance. Seemingly the trips are in places we know and have been, but when you build the trip correctly and combine different experiences suddenly the trip and the site look different.
A trip in Israel is possible during the corona even without a bus ride as we are used to, but it is possible to do so by private car in the transition from point to point. This way the trip is safer within the limits of the corona and does not reach the state of being in a closed bus with other people you do not know. These trips focus on rural accommodation, B & Bs, tents, or small boutique hotels. The trip is suitable for any vehicle and any age, provided that the travel bacterium is ingrained in you and especially if you like trips of a social nature.