A safari trip to Tanzania is no longer a regular trip. The excitement and waiting begins in the initial phase when planning the trip and imagining the encounter with the variety of animals in their natural environment.

So like I said, the hike starts long before when you go to a traveling clinic and get vaccinated as directed. Never skip this step you can never know.

For those of us who are careful about kosher or vegan food or any other restriction then you can definitely arrange it. Just make sure you specify it in advance and understand your intent. Another thing to consider is the weather issue. So in Tanzania the weather is pretty constant throughout the year but that doesn’t mean it’s always hot. At night in the natural reserve the weather is cool so it is advisable to put on appropriate clothes.

We landed in Tanzania and after the airport pick up our trip begins. Already after landing at the start of the trip you can be impressed by the dry and arid landscape, the local lifestyle, the state of the infrastructure, but mainly the joy of the locals can be felt in the air.

Now start with Safari. Get into a spacious jeepp with our knowledgeable guide and start driving towards the natural reseve. Recommended safaris, located in northern Tanzania, are the Serengeti Reservation, the Nagorongoro Crater and the Tarangire Reservation.

A safari trip in Africa is no longer a regular trip. There is a special charm in Tanzania in general and in the nature reserves in particular. Disconnecting from the routine, a blessed time out from the daily race, disconnecting from the internet, long journeys in the endless nature make you feel different and unique. Imagine traveling in a huge reserve and you really don’t know what to expect? In the safari we will never know what awaits us out where. The safari in Tanzania is a type of game or, as it is known by the locals – GAME WATCH – us and the animals are in a kind of game. We watch the animals, in their natural environment, very closely and connect with nature with all of its glory.


Excitement is not to be described when you see the Serengeti Reservation throughout the entire herd of animals migrating from one place to another in search of a source of water and food. A spectacular sight is to watch the lion standing guard, from dawn to prey or resting after he has already eaten. Nothing can describe our feeling standing on the cliff above Ngorongorno Crater looking through the binoculars for the Big Five  elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo before descending to the crater. Then 600 meters descending into the crater and the feeling is like being in a resting box. The herds of animals move within the crater, sipping and eating is like being in a pastoral touch.

During the Tanzania safari, at least three tours are recommended. Except for the safari itself, the complementary and obligatory experience is a combination of traveling in at least one of the tribes in the area. It’s definitely not something we see on a day-to-day basis. The intermidiate connection with the locals, learning about their lifestyle, their homes, local education and cuisine will leave you mouth-watering.

So what does a successful safari need?

A safari trip is not cheap so make sure you are in good hands.

It is important that proper planning of the route is tailored to the group’s composition, the food interests are appropriate and most importantly good mood.

Your driver’s guide is the one that makes the difference. A good guide will take you to good vantage points, feel the area and locate the animals. Be aware that  there are long trips ride in the closed jeep. A guide is a travel companion and we should have good friends.

In the safari, you take very long trips with the jeep during the safari. Of course,, if you come and have a large budget is in your pocket, you can fly to the Serengeti Reserve on an internal flight, but where is the experience?

You will come ready to indulge in the feeling of freedom and disconnection in places without internet and cellular reception.

So leave your job behind and join a safari with us.