The open markets in Israel

Shalom and welcome to Israel.

The open markets of Israel, known as ¨shuk¨ are an exceptional experience of colors, aromas and local food offering a beautiful opportunity to learn about Israeli culture in an intermediary way. Depending on the market you visit, you can buy almost everything such as fruits, vegetables, fresh food, condiments, juices, sweets and a variety of cakes. You can also get home appliances, souvenirs from the country to take home, have a good drink, eat exquisite local food and more than anything, we will have the opportunity to meet the residents of Israel. Here named three famous markets of Israel.

The Carmel market in Tel Aviv.

While we are visiting the city of Tel Aviv we will go through the streets Allenby, King George and Nahalat Binyamin and we will arrive at this famous ¨Shuk Hacarmel “. This market is visited by locals, tourists, group of friends, many families and all with the objective of eating, walking and buying all kinds of authentic local products. The market, inaugurated in 1920, offers fresh products, kitchen appliances, clothes, handmade jewelry and a variety of flowers of different colors every day. Eat the local humus, Druze pita and a variety of Arabic sweets. At the end of the tour is the Yemeni neighborhood where you can try authentic Yemeni food.

While in Israel, we will visit the city of Jerusalem. While in the famous city of Jerusalem, I recommend visiting the Mahane Yehuda market. This market is very similar to the city being a mixture of a lot of history along with the modern life. Walking through the Mahane Yehuda market, we will appreciate the unique atmosphere in the market. Everywhere you can find delicatessen, a variety of typical food such as kebab, falafel, halva, baklava, different fruit juices and a variety of international food restaurants. In the market, you can try a variety of local wines along with cheeses made in Israel.

To the north of the country, in the city of Haifa is the Talpiot Market. In this market, you can better notice the mix and way of living together Jews and the Arabs. Since Haifa is a city with a mixture of inhabitants, the influence of the different citizens living in Haifa is notable especially in the local market. As much as in the Tel Aviv market and the Jerusalem market, here we will have traditional local food, fruits and vegetables of the country, sweets of various types and attached a variety of small restaurants each and its special cuisine.


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